Snoop Dogg & Cuca Fresca – Time To Drink Different

In 2003, Snoop Dogg and Pharrell went down to Brazil to shoot the music video for their hit single “Beautiful”. While down in Brazil, Snoop discovered many things he loved about their culture, and in particular, the Caipirinha cocktail. Ever since 03, Snoop has been looking for ways to bring the Brazilian way of life around the world, especially his favorite drink Cachaca. Recently, he was introduced to Cuca Fresca, a premium Cachaca brand that is entering the US market. As a businessman and trendsetter, Snoop saw great potential in this drink industry and the opportunity to introduce Cachaca to the US and around the world.

Snoop has now partnered with Cuca Fresca to set a new trend. To raise the bar in what we drink, to step out of the comfort of the typical liquor drink. With 20 years in the game, Snoop has always stayed one step ahead, and deciding what to drink is no different. Check out the first installment in the Drink Different Video Series.

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