Snoop’s Very First, Very Own Candle!

Double wood 2

Welcome to the brand new high-end line, the Broadus Family Collection! This is the very first candle ever created by Snoop Dogg! Only 500 of these were made so this is your chance to snatch this exclusive limited edition item! Kick back and relax with some of Snoop’s favorite scents, that he also likes to use when recording in the studio or “putting one in the air”. With these candles, Uncle Snoop wanted to give his fans something that everyone can enjoy. While the “Baby Powder” scent works magic to make your room smell clean and fresh, the “White Rose” scent is an especially nice gift for the ladies!

See quality details and more images below or go to to learn more and get yours now!

High-end quality

  • Natural coconut wax blend with organic wooden wicks that crackle like a fireplace
  • Coconut wax not only provides the cleanest burn available, but is also the first sustainable wax resource to hit the market.  It is also cleaner burning than Soy candles.
  • The scents are made up of a combination of complex notes for an overall sophisticated fragrance, made with 12.5% fragrance load – triple what normal candles have to fill any room with the scent
  • These innovative candles outperform any department store or boutique brand
  • The result is an amazingly clean-burning candle that never collects soot, exudes fragrance, and is truly ecologically responsible.
  • Burn time: 60 hours
  • Each candle is in a black glass jar with a gold lid


Burning IndividualDouble wood 3




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