Help Snoop Help the Youth Football League in Des Moines


Click here to join Snoop and help:

When Snoop heard about this cause, he knew he wanted to help these kids out. If they don’t get safer helmets and equipment (their equipment now is over a decade old), the Inner City Urban Development (ICUD) league in Des Moines won’t be able to continue helping these kids on and off the field.

Having started a football league of his own, Snoop knows how important a program like this is to these kids — not only to keep them off the streets, but to provide academic support and teach them dedication, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Every kid should have the opportunity to develop these lifelong skills.

Snoop Dogg put up the first $5,000 on the fundraiser’s Tilt page. Join him there and help him help these kids (see link above)!

At least $8,000 are needed to provide helmets for half of the league.
$16,000 will ensure that every kid receives a safer helmet.
For $20,000, all 200 players will receive a safer helmet and equipment.

100% of all proceeds will go to the Inner City Urban Development football lead funding of equipment needs & after school programs!!

2 thoughts on “Help Snoop Help the Youth Football League in Des Moines

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