Snoop Reconnecting with G-Unit on New Episode of GGN

Coast to coast! After popular demand, 50 Cent and his G-Unit crew finally paid the GGN studio a visit to chop it up with Nemo Hoes and talk about their reunion and new music.

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2 thoughts on “Snoop Reconnecting with G-Unit on New Episode of GGN

  1. Alex Delance Antwain Harris

    I’m just saying since ya’ll can see the illegal wiretap order. a.k.a.Privacy and Eavesdropping establishing violation of United States constitution States Powers section 2 crime committed for a arrest, citations, prosecution, and conviction applying for anybody .They committing criminal defamation (and more) with the CNN, BET, Pliesworld, DefJams, Street Cred, Grandhustle forumroom heatherb,and more all from my internet activity wire and electronic communication wiretap order establishing failing to investigate and more. They showing everybody exactly what I was saying bout back starting in 1996 how wire (telephone) and oral (person to person) communication wiretap order it ain’t nothing they (macon ga. Judge’s, prosecuting attorney’s, FBI, GBI, Macon Georgia Police Department, Bibb County Sheriff’s Department, Mayor, Governor,and more ) can’t help since they willing participating in the Genocide including federal felony first degree murder of United States Veteran Alex Harris Jr. to United States Veteran Alex Harris Jr. and Mrs. Mattie Lee Gibson Harris and our family/extended family including Tupac and Biggie,.J.F.K.Jr. and Abraham Lincoln, Jena 6 Micheal Bell and Kids for cash in PA., United States Veteran’s, Hurricane Katrina victims, The Department Of Family and Children Services mandated by city-States-federal courts children ward of court and under their watch and more, and more , uncle and cousin smith, Antwain Fair and Antwain Jolly, and more its true the corrupt police’s, sheriff’s, FBI, GBI, Judge’s, prosecuting attorneys, and more just gave ya’ll especially T.I, HipHop, NFL, NBA, MLB, and more newly discovered evidence for Privacy and Eavesdropping, Genocide, and more all from the way they doing me along with falsely accessing Me and President Commander in chief Barack Obama .The Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and Macon Georgia Mayor Robert Richer along with the NAACP and Black Organizations and more still taking bribes fromRailroad and more .They taking bribes concealing person from arrest and more now on double jeopardy charging me twice for the same crime in Macon Georgia Bibb County superior and state court in 2005 and the entire time they have been working together so I don’t graduate from Harvard Law College not knowing no matter what they would have to be federal prosecuted. T.I and ya’ll working and paperwork destroyed adds up to Sabotage a federal crime mentioned between me and heatherb.we exercised first amendment bills of rights United States constitution while they failed to investigate the same thing applies for plies, RickRoss, jay-z, that game, and more violating States Powers of United States constitution in our case making them fugitives from justice.They had a illegal wiretap order on ya’ll micheal dog fighting, TI guns charges, and more the people got unlawful access to stored communication and I don’t know them.The Chief of Police of Atlanta was in the Mayor Kasim Reed office the third time I went sitting with his secretary .The mayor got the paperwork. They can’t charge Jeez twice for looking loc use the wiretap order to legally kill they asses.It’s more!

  2. delance10000

    42 U.S. Code § 13031 – Child abuse reporting[Macon georgia Entire Bibb county government directory(except me,babrack obama,bill clinton,.j.f.k.jr.,abraham lincoln,me and president commander in cheif barack obama and our administration) including their intern’s,partner and stakeholders,media,CNN,BET,FOX24NEWS,13WMAZ,The department of family and children services including unknown black female social workers and head director and department of family and children services security gaurd and foodstampline and more in 1996 in JUne its witness cause family and neighbors didn’t fail to report it,FBI(got to come into office for us to anything,UNited States Secret Services, United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Diviosn,NAACP and Black Organizations Prseidents and Members,First Responders,Volunteer Grups,Macon Georgia Ex-mayor Jim Marshall ex Congress, Mrs.Mattie Lee Gibson Harris Harris reported it ,Atlanta georgia Police and Sheriff and Prosecuting Attorney’s ,Florida-Georgia-Tenessee FBI,Georgia legal Aid and referrals,Mercer Law College and medical college supplying Macon georgia Indigent Defense Attorneys and The medical cetera doctors and nurses and Transco Plant railroad-Georgia and norfolk southern railroad attorneys and Macon georgia Judges along with committing Genocide and more violation of States Powers of Unites States Constitution including Bribery and more, Macon georgia ex congress now Senator Saxby Chmabliss, Georgia Governor ,and more all in 1996 with Me and Virginia Harris my mentally ill.birthmother the same child got 2005 federally protected activities including double jeapordy,false statements,perjury,and more in 2005 .the same child abuse been giving newly discovered evidence for Tammy Calhoun and her children even though Tammy calhoun been getting information from macon georgia authorities who been committing Genocide including her granddaddy federal felony first degree murder-stalking-domesticviolence-threaten-harssing communication-child abuse-and more,1999-2014 federal felony kidnaping for ransom Virginia harris and I,and more !False Statements,Blackmail,Perjury,unlawful acess to stored communication,failing to investigate,federal Felony Kidnaping me for ransom and more Alex Delance Antwain harris tell it itches cause the FBI already know ,National Whistleblower already know,and more !TI,Micheal Vick Hip-Hop,Hollywood,President Commander in Cheif Barack Obama and our Administration,and the rest of the family/extended family and olgethrope community neighbors already know to prosecute ya’ll muthafuckas and civil sue ya’ll muthafuckas too!TI Grandhustle,Pliesworld,CNN,BET,Rickross,and more websites establish ya’ll violated state,legislature powers of united states constitution ya’ll oath office including taking bribes bribes while killing these children and trying to hide behind race while for money taking bribes see you can’t do that kidnapping/federal felony kidnapping for ransom to people with false statements Mayor kasim Reed ,TI,Rick Ross,National WhistleBlower,and more got the documents !(smiling and laughing!!!!) }
    Current through Pub. L. 113-163. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)
    US Code
    Authorities (CFR)
    prev | next
    (a) In general
    A person who, while engaged in a professional capacity or activity described in subsection (b) of this section on Federal land or in a federally operated (or contracted) facility, learns of facts that give reason to suspect that a child has suffered an incident of child abuse, shall as soon as possible make a report of the suspected abuse to the agency designated under subsection (d) of this section.
    (b) Covered professionals
    Persons engaged in the following professions and activities are subject to the requirements of subsection (a) of this section:
    (1) Physicians, dentists, medical residents or interns, hospital personnel and administrators, nurses, health care practitioners, chiropractors, osteopaths, pharmacists, optometrists, podiatrists, emergency medical technicians, ambulance drivers, undertakers, coroners, medical examiners, alcohol or drug treatment personnel, and persons performing a healing role or practicing the healing arts.
    (2) Psychologists, psychiatrists, and mental health professionals.
    (3) Social workers, licensed or unlicensed marriage, family, and individual counselors.
    (4) Teachers, teacher’s aides or assistants, school counselors and guidance personnel, school officials, and school administrators.
    (5) Child care workers and administrators.
    (6) Law enforcement personnel, probation officers, criminal prosecutors, and juvenile rehabilitation or detention facility employees.
    (7) Foster parents.
    (8) Commercial film and photo processors.
    (c) Definitions
    For the purposes of this section—
    (1) the term “child abuse” means the physical or mental injury, sexual abuse or exploitation, or negligent treatment of a child;
    (2) the term “physical injury” includes but is not limited to lacerations, fractured bones, burns, internal injuries, severe bruising or serious bodily harm;
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    (d) Agency designated to receive report and action to be taken
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    (g) Omitted
    (h) Training of prospective reporters
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    Atlanta Georgia chief of police, sheriff, FBI, GBI, Judges, prosecuting attorneys, and along with the other stupid muthafuckas violation of privacy and eavesdropping a.k.a.illegal wire, oral, and electronic communication wiretap order on me failing to investigate as usual who also knew bout the June 1996 city, state, and federal crimes committed to me and virginia harris my mentally ill. B irthmother at Macon Georgia Department Of Family and Children Services mandated by city, state, and federal courts of Macon Georgia including their partners and stakeholders all fugitives from justice accords to USC TITLE 42 13031 til this day they stupid ass have not corrected the false statements, perjury, verdict against weight of evidence, civil rights and more, United States constitutional rights, Treason, Bribery, Violation of office, Failing to investigate, Genocide including murder and more, and more! They showed they ass in Atlanta Georgia CITY Hall when I went today. I just wanted to tell the Mayor Kasim Reed thank you for not being stupid! The chief of police and his secretary could be getting extra money from the railroad, atlanta georgia JUDICIAL system, and more to help commit genocide and more cause we got they ass on genocide including federal felony kidnapping me for ransom and more since they working with Macon Georgia judges, chief of police, police, city council members, board of commissioner’s, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal, sheriff, sheriff s, FBI, GBI, NAACP and Black Organizations President’s and member’s, Gangs and Organizations members, and more all before Tupac was federal felony first degree murdered it was a inside job consisting of corrupt wiretap order operators with corrupt congresses, representatives, senators, and more! Now they stupid ass can’t prove they didn’t prosecute me twice for the same crime in 2005 federal protected activities including federal felony kidnapping for ransom and false statements and perjury and more! I’m just saying! Whatever you say can and will be used against you in the court of law! I’m just saying!My HIP-HOP brothers and sisters by our father the LORD thy God and our momma by Jesus Christ is Lord Great Great Grandma Mrs. Mattie McKenzie Gibson found bout it ain’t ya’ll committing Genocide within the black communities Hip-Hop Part 1&2BET.BET found out too! Deprivation of rights under color of law civil rights and United States constitution works out two ways for us criminal and civil prosecution! We can’t lose no matter what! Plus, Micheal Vick showed me don’t ever let nobody know how much money you got! They tried to make me look stupid up here in Atlanta Georgia but they been violating my privacy and eavesdropping, Failing to investigate, fraud and related activities in connection with computer, Involuntary Servitude, unlawful access to stored communication, civil rights violations, Treason bribery, Genocide including murder and more, retaliating against victims and witnesses, criminal defamation, murder for hire,and more and for the past e ightteen years we know they crew fugitives from justice now when I go get granddaddy and grandma that fuck them up! YOU GET THE MONEY AND MORE! I’M JUST SAYING! If momma hadn’t taught me my prayers the LORD Prayers on her hands knees before she died I would probably be fucked!my felony on my recorded is illegal .how u ask no citations no arresth failure of justice didn’t take me back of juvenile court before trying me as adult they treating us like slaves of all races that’s why they stupid ass can’t prosecute me or call me crazy!
    delance10000 October 7, 2014
    I also know every website their local county and state get wiretap order since I be addressing federal felony crimes meaning since I am not licensed to practice law yet! Itch if you break the law they can’t prosecute you unless you fucking with me, President Commander in Chief Barack Obama and First lady Mrs. Michelle Obama and our family and our administration, my lil’mans and daddy’s lil girls. family/extended family and 0lgethrope community neighbors, Raquel Roxanne Diaz. a.k.a.Mrs.Raquel Roxanne Diaz Harris and our family! The race card isn’t going to work ain’t that right Macon Georgia central high school students , Mercer Law and medical college, partners and stakeholders, and more! Good Night Igotta y read my bible and go to bed! Anybody find a picture I posted on the internet of myself yet on kandi, trapmuzik, Pliesworld, RickRoss, snoop dog, BET, CNN, Wsbtv,and others ? So itch don’t act surprise when I curse ya ass out in public for committing Genocide , retaliating against victims and witnesses, Violation of victims rights and immunity, criminal defamation, unlawful access to stored communication, and more!

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