Snoop Dogg Hosts The #NoGunsAllowed Benefit Event in SF


Gun violence is affecting every community around the nation, and many big names are supporting major initiatives to curb this epidemic. Snoop Dogg has joined forces with some big names in sports, technology, and politics to support The League of Young Voter’s #NoGunsAllowed Project to preach responsibly gun ownership and violence awareness. They hosted a benefit auction last night in San Francisco to raise money for the campaign.


Hosts included Silicon Valley Investor Ron Conway, Hall of Fame 49ers Joe Montana and Ronnie Lott, MC Hammer, Swimmer Diana Nyad, former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr, Executive Director of the League of Young Voters, Dr. Robert “Biko” Baker, and former Arizona Representative Gabby Giffords. Some of the items auctioned off included Snoop’s paintings, adidas Snoop Seeleys, signed Doggystyle albums, and an autographed Joe Montana jersey and helmet. All proceeds went directly to the #NoGunsAllowed campaign and Snoop’s Youth Football League. Check out some of the recap photos below and visit their websites for more info.

For more information on the “No Guns Allowed” campaign, visit the site.

For more information on the Snoop Youth Football League, visit the site.

Photos by Willie T Photography.


6 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg Hosts The #NoGunsAllowed Benefit Event in SF

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