“High Wit Me” Video Contest Winners Announced!

Congratulations to Daniel Farah for winning the “High Wit Me” Music Video Contest!!

Snoopzilla & Dam-Funk released their “7 Days of Funk” album in December 2013, and they wanted to offer their fans the opportunity to get involved in the making of a music video! We offered a download of green-screen footage of Snoop & Dam performing the “High Wit Me” song, along with these simple rules: “You can do anything you like as long as it’s creative – shoot new footage, animation, found footage, Snoop and Dam green screen footage or combinations of all of the above.” Snoop & Dam looked through all the submissions and chose their favorite five clips. Check out the playlist of the winning video and the four runner-ups!

5 thoughts on ““High Wit Me” Video Contest Winners Announced!

  1. danbond

    Its my first time in youtube but what is there now makes my heart feel better.
    i thought fans will re click to 191 veiws

  2. Juan v.

    What can I do to grab snoop dogg attention I try to hand a guy a demo at one his concert yrs back and these like security guard acted like he was going to give snoop my rap demo I write and performed but that guy act like he was giving it to him while walking towards him & tossed it in the trash. I was devistated. But somehow always hold on to hope. Let me know some ideas.

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