Snoop and Dam-Funk Release “7 Days of Funk”


Today, 7 Days of Funk (Dam-Funk and Snoopzilla) release their self-titled album on iTunesAmazon and Rdio. The King of Modern Funk meets the smoked-out scion of G-Funk on the 7 Days of Funk album, featuring Bootsy Collins, Kurupt, and DPG, out on Stones Throw Records.

7 Days of Funk Release New Video for “Hit Da Pavement”

“Hit Da Pavement” follows the further adventures of Dam and Snoop after the house party featured in the video for “Faden Away”. The time, we ride along with the pair as they cruise the streets of Los Angeles in Snoop’s baby blue Lincoln Continental. Check out the video above!

Listen to 7 Days of Funk and Bonus Tracks Exclusively on Rdio!

Check out the Rdio New Music Weekly clip of “Do My Thang” featuring Dam-Funk & Snoopzilla above! 7 Days of Funk is also streaming exclusively on Rdio through December 24. Listen here to a special bonus track “Wingz,” which will continue to be available only on Rdio after the streaming exclusive!

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