7 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg & Kat Dahlia: GGN Hood News

  1. annacseno

    Reblogged this on annacseno and commented:
    This farting noise is killing it again lol, Snoop that’s killing the Sexy flavor of it all Snoop ! What a Joker , What a Smoker ! and love the little cucumbers tip for refreshing your complexion too ! lol How could your classmates could focus on homework with you !!!!!

  2. Carlos

    Hey GGN Hood news, I have some great ideas and information that would make your show a lot more kick ass than it already is. If you are interested in doing business contact me when you can

  3. matt

    I think snoop should do a segment about what he thinks of aussie hip hop, when he was talking to G unit he said every one sounds the same but Aussie hip hop has a different style whos knows he might really like it.

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